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Best Writing Conferences in the Southeast

Are you a writer looking to hone your skills, connect with fellow writers, and learn from seasoned professionals? If so, attending one of the best writing conferences in the Southeast can be a game-changer for your writing journey.

The Southeastern region is a hotbed for literary events, offering conferences that cater to writers of various genres and skill levels. The list below includes some of the best writing conferences in the Southeastern United States.

Blue Pen Writers’ Conference

Knoxville, Tennessee

Immerse yourself in two days of creativity at the Blue Pen Writers’ Conference. Literary agents, bestselling authors, and industry professionals deliver workshops on the craft and business of writing. Indie and traditional authors learn about marketing, writing strong stories, and succeeding in the industry. Attendees can pitch literary agents, receive individual critiques, and enter the writing contest for big prizes. Included breakfasts and networking luncheons provide opportunities to connect and expand your writing community.

Alabama Writers’ Cooperative Conference

Mountain Brook, Alabama

The AWC Conference features an open mic and workshops in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. Attendees can attend author panels and an awards dinner to celebrate writing contest winners.

Ozark Creative Writers Conference

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The conference features an open mic, a meet and greet, and sessions on a variety of writing topics. Attendees learn about marketing, writing in different genres, and independent publishing. Social events include a happy hour, a banquet, and live music.

Atlanta Writers Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta Writers Club Conference provides writers with access to top publishing editors and literary agents seeking new talent. Receive feedback on your manuscript, synopsis, and query letter. Choose from in-person and virtual options for critique and pitch meetings. Engage in workshops, talks, and Q&A panels by industry professionals.

Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Festival was created to serve the community through arts programs, showcase diverse talents, and honor Tennessee Williams. The event has hosted more than 130 artists and has contributed over $1 million to the city’s economy. With an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, the Festival has been recognized with several prestigious awards.

North Carolina Writers’ Network Fall Conference

Charlotte/Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The North Carolina Writers’ Network sponsors three annual conferences: Spring (April), Summer Writing Workshops (July), and Fall (November). The Squire Summer Writing Workshops at Wake Forest University offer intensive genre courses. The Fall Conference attracts writers from across the country with opportunities including manuscript critiques.

South Carolina Writers Association Conference

Columbia, South Carolina

This event caters to writers of all levels through critiques, pitches, workshops, panels, and keynote presentations. Attendees enjoy three days of inspiration, learning, and camaraderie. Faculty members include agents, editors, authors, poets, and screenwriters.

Virginia Festival of the Book

Charlottesville, Virginia

The Virginia Festival of the Book unites writers and readers to promote and celebrate books, reading, literacy, and literary culture. The event focuses on accessibility and diversity. The Festival encourages thoughtful discourse and new connections between writers and readers.

West Virginia Writers Conference

Ripley, West Virginia

The West Virginia Writers Spring Conference features workshops by accomplished authors. Topics include poetry, fiction, memoirs, and marketing. The event provides opportunities for West Virginia writers to hone their skills and connect with fellow writers.

Note: Blue Pen is not affiliated with any of the organizations or events listed, with the exception of the Blue Pen Writers’ Conference.


Do I need to be a published author to attend these conferences?

No, most writing conferences in the Southeast welcome writers of all levels, including aspiring authors.

Can I pitch my book idea to literary agents at these conferences?

Yes, many conferences, including the Blue Pen Writers’ Conference, coordinate pitch sessions where writers can present their book idea to agents and publishers.

Are these conferences only for residents of the Southeast?

No, these conferences are open to writers from all regions. Attendees can often access discounted lodging rates.

How can I stay updated on upcoming conferences?

You can follow the official websites and social media pages of the conferences you’re interested in for updates and announcements. Get email updates about the Blue Pen Writers’ Conference, and follow the Facebook event.